The Frontier General Store
"Keeping the American dream holster at a time"

Around the Christmas of 2005, my three boys, who were then 7, 8 and 12 yrs old wanted to give their friends some genuine Cowboy Leather Holsters. These guys loved everything about Cowboys and we went through our share of plastic holsters and cap guns at the local big box store. So, we decided that we needed to find some good quality Cowboy Holsters. We couldn't find em! So my boys and I sat down on the front room floor and made some Toy Holsters out of scrap leather. Boy were they excited! We figured that there had to be other Cowboys out there that would like the same thing, so we started The Frontier General Store located in hills of Middle Tennessee.

So, if you're looking for quality Cowboy and Western Toys , whether it be an entire Cowboy Set or just a Toy Holster and Cap Guns, you've come to the right spot. We set out to make the best Toy Holsters in the whole world using Genuine Saddle Leather. But a cowboy can't stop there! At the Frontier General Store, you can find Toy Rifles, Old West Badges, Bandanas, Spurs, Handcuffs, Trick Ropes, Caps, Indian Bows and Arrows and much more.... So strap on your Gunbelt and roundup some Cowboys and hold on for the ride.